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"Brass has created a truly intriguing world, where people use paranormal powers in their government careers...It’s well-written with great characters & I’d love to see more stories spring from this unique setting."


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The N-ergy Cycle - Book I

She thought recovering from a devastating injury would be the hardest challenge of her young life. She could not have been more wrong...


Two seasons ago, then-fifteen-celebrations-old Lake-Ellen Redwood’s Path in life changed when she became a fledgling Lady of the Leaves. On the morning she attempts to resume her lifelong goal of becoming a guild-certified accountant, she suffers a lightning strike while meditating beneath the massive Heart of the Forest.

Fearful the incident blasted into her the devil rumored to be slumbering within the two-millennia-old tree, the local ruling council banishes her under penalty of death. Forced to flee, she travels to her uncle’s house in a distant city to heal in anonymity.

At first, her recovery goes well. But as the season turns and the telltale signs of possession manifest, and the death toll rises, Lake-Ellen is forced to confront the all-too-real possibility that a being of unimaginable power has rooted within her, putting the city in grave danger, and bringing frantic authorities in pursuit. In addition, she’s receiving calls for help from a second devil, somewhere else in her world.

Only the fires of decoherence will set her free—at the cost of her life. No one will settle for anything less...


The Tower of Sephalon

SBaMoP cover ebook final.jpg

Where gods walk the land, the innocent suffer and bleed...

Life at the Tower can be incredibly exhilarating...

Eight-year-old peasant girl Bevenlee sees an aura around fourteen-year-old Princess Ukee and within hours they’re en route to the Tower, where for five centuries one hundred Sisters have attended the precious Mothers who give birth to the gods that walk the land.

...and eternally unforgiving.

As a Sister, Bevenlee learns new skills and makes new and loyal friends, but suffers torment and terrible injuries from Sisters and gods alike. When the birth of her child leaves Mother Ukee in a debilitating unresponsiveness, tensions within the Tower intensify. 

For a terrifying pestilence threatens the Scattered Kingdoms at the same time the Horde—a relentless enemy army—invades with the intent to destroy the Tower and all in their path.

With growing suspicions that her dear friend’s mysterious child might be the cause of the deadly pox, young Bevenlee, her very sanity in question, must find a way to save herself, Mother Ukee, and all they know and love, or be condemned to everlasting damnation.

MotT cover ebook final.jpg

Every Mother has her burden to bear...

Welcome to the Tower of Sephalon, where Mothers give birth to the gods that walk the land and Sisters devote their lives to their comfort, all against their will...

Mother of Succor - and the crushing emptiness of her duties as a flood of Sisters arrive at the Tower, breaking the rule limiting their number to always and only one hundred...

Mother of Boots - and his self-sacrificial walk into the Beyond to fulfill a pledge and bring peace to a brother condemned for crimes he did not commit...

Mother of Stomp - and her quest to heal those harmed by her selfish recklessness, no matter who else might fall prey to her temperamental child’s wrath...

Mother of Song - and a journey of duty and sacrifice into the Beyond, resulting in an impossible life of eternal torment...

Mother of Grub - and her life-threatening trek into the shadow fields to retrieve her child, all while a malevolent god waits to pounce...

Five Mothers ensnared in the web of suffering, danger, and death woven by the gods at the Tower of Sephalon


She never paid much heed to the land’s gods… until one took notice of her.

On the night of the closed Eye, thirteen-year-old Pae vividly imagines a creature designed to defeat a plague of mice-like scavvers. She calls it a draglin — a smaller version of her island home’s fearsome dragin predator.Her mental musings catch a passing god’s attention. It tricks her into a collaboration to bring her draglin into existence within five turns of Thune’s Eye. If she fails, it threatens to transform her into a draglin. To prove it means business, it burns one of her fingers into a draglin’s claw through fire and excruciating pain.

A suffering but determined Pae now has five chances to lay a clutch of eggs with the hopes one draglin will survive, with purpose and intent. But island superstitions run deep and dangerous, friends fall prey to unexpected violence, and tragedies bring ruin at every turn. And even new allies from the Tower, where Sisters dedicate their lives to the Mothers of the gods that walk the land, appear insufficient to help her overcome the malevolent god’s intent to complete her terrifying, agonizing, and fatal transformation...

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In ebook and PDF formats.


The Last Raptori - Book I


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In ebook and PDF formats.


The Last Raptori - Book II

He suffers fear, rejection, and hostility from humanity. 
Now, he carries the fate of Earth on his soul.

His memories twisted and chained, non-human Miles cannot recall who or what he is, or how he ended up wandering across a devastated land. As he struggles to find his place, torments – both human and in his mind – haunt him through the ruined landscape.

When the wagon convoy he’s working for risks travel through a forest infested with deadly creatures, disaster strikes. He escapes certain death when two truths break free: the gauntlets on his arms are deadly, thought-controlled weapons, and he has an innate ability to fly.

Now, Miles is on a treacherous journey of self-rediscovery while caught between warring aliens newly arrived on Earth. His options dwindling by the hour, he grapples with friends who might be foes, foes who might be friends, and a final chance to reclaim himself after a near-century of darkness. But one misstep will doom humanity and spiral him into a lethal madness...

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In ebook and PDF formats.


A Last Raptori Novella

He’s haunted by a failed mission. Now, his future at stake, he’s compelled to carry out a greater, more horrific crime...

Since escaping a ruined Earth, Warden Maels Raptori has joined the Guild Guard, where he rescues witchen from the enemy’s witchblood harvests. After the tragic loss of a promising young innocent, he jumps at a chance for redemption. Once committed and cut off from help, though, he’s told the malignant truth behind his presence on the primitive, dangerous low-world– a truth hidden from his superiors.

The land’s fragile peace depends on his success. Tens of thousands may perish otherwise. But for Maels, destined to die on the low-world if he fails, the cost would be too much to bear. As the death toll rises, and the land itself seeks his demise, the Skein’s last Raptori faces his greatest challenge, with the fate of a world and the conviction of his soul hanging in the balance...

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In ebook and PDF formats.


The Last Raptori - Book III

He’s ready for a life of peace. But a new, tremendously powerful enemy threatens everything, including the strands of the Skein itself...

After decades of fighting, Warden Maels Raptori, the last of his kind, is prepared to leave a lifetime of violence and enjoy the tranquility he’s helped bring about. His final mission for the Guild Guard takes an unexpected turn, however, and he finds himself on the trail of a     mysterious new enemy more threatening than any before.

As the destruction escalates, and the body count rises into the tens of millions, he, his lifemate, and a dangerous new ally with her own secrets and threats, find themselves constantly a step behind their elusive antagonist–until the hunters becomes the hunted.

Captured, tortured, and crippled, he draws on his lifetime of skills and experience to escape his tormentors and bring word the most destructive spell ever cast–the one that destroyed his own race–has been reconstituted. Now, to save those he loves, Maels will make the ultimate sacrifice, but even death will provide no escape...

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In ebook and PDF formats.

The Last Raptori
The Unity Sphere



A Novel of the Unity Sphere

He never believed his nemesis perished in the Unity Fleet assault on his base. Now, he's about to be proven right in the worst possible way and at the worst possible cost...

The Unity Sphere celebrated when the Unity Fleet destroyed Master Chaotist Hetz and his destructive organization, the Black Diamond, in a surprise assault.

Despite the overwhelming evidence,


Tac-team Captain Axel Fargo—his wife and friends victims of Hetz’s predations—never accepted his enemy death, not without a body. Now, intelligence gathered after a raid on an illicit outpost suggests the master chaotist is in fact alive and intent on resurrecting his signature crime: the terrorcruise. Hetz’s earlier exploits nearly fragmented the Unity Sphere. Axel fears a new success would shatter the nascent alliance, plunging its many worlds back into darkness and chaos.

In direct violation of orders, Axel makes a final desperate attempt to end the life of the man who has caused him and countless others so much pain. But alone, without reinforcements, and facing overwhelming odds, he realizes too late his best may not be good enough. And this time, far more than his own life may be lost...


A Novella of the Unity Sphere

Denied by a harsh twist of fate, he refuses to give up on his dreams, no matter who may have to die along the way...


Due to a medical disability, young kavax Brayn’s life is in tatters. An addiction forced upon him in a chaotist attack leaves him prone to seizures. His pilot’s license is suspended, attempts to find new employment end in ruin, and the long future ahead looms bleak and unpromising.

Hoping for enough credits to help him through his dark time, he accompanies his mentor on an illicit operation to salvage valuable components from a demolished outpost under quarantine by the Unity Fleet. The deadline is tight. Danger and death lurk in the shadows. Fleet patrols stand ready to pulverize intruders, no questions asked.

Then yet another tragedy leaves Brayn facing his bleak and hopeless future alone again. But an unexpected discovery in the ruins turns everything around. The young kavax stands on the precipice of finding a new purpose, but only if he survive long enough...


A Story of the Unity Sphere

His first mission takes a sudden turn, and now he's fighting for his life against impossible odds...

After experiencing true failure for the first time in his young life, a shaken Highensign Westyr Shelhou embarks on his inaugural assignment for the Unity Fleet. In an unexpected re-assignment, he finds himself dirtside with troops prepared to engage an adversary resolved to fight to the death.

Panicked jitters threaten to derail his promising military career before it starts. Tasked to watch over an injured enemy soldier and an elderly byveri, he finds comfort in their exchange of words. All to soon, though, the grim reality of his situation crashed back upon him and his fellow troopers—his pelt.

Now, as an overwhelming enemy wave closes in and his pelt’s options dwindle, Westyr’s first mission in service to the Unity Sphere may be his last...

Stand Alones


CLOSURE cover ebook final.jpg

A Fantasy Novella

A dead nine-year-old girl. An illicit magical tool. He needs both, as his mother is unknowingly killing him...

Necroti Whicker Campbell’s mother is lost in her grief over recent deaths in the family. She’s feeding off his life force, depleting him. After a year, he’s reached his point of failure. With only a month’s worth of strength remaining, he devises a plan to save himself and his mother using a recently deceased nine-year-old girl, an illegal-to-possess Hatcher key, and the help of his morally challenged mentor. But from the start, his plan begins to unravel.

To her shock, Investigator Suzin Rollings’s well of telepati ability has run dry. With mandatory retirement looming, she faces a bleak, uncertain future, alone and adrift. Then she’s tasked with her last case: video evidence exposes the theft of a nine-year-old girl’s body from her casket the morning of her funeral. Determined to end with an unquestioned success, she’s soon on the trail of two necroti who have violated every oath they’ve sworn to uphold.

In five days, their paths will collide and redefine what it means to be alive...


A Science-Fiction Novel

Revived after decades of hibernation, she wakes in a time no longer her own. Injured, captive, her only allies are enemies from the past.

Her Creator’s rebellion against the Brethren’s oppressive rule a distant memory, young Crystal Maiden stands alone as the last of her kind. Compelled to continue the fight, she must first learn how to co-exist with those who, for her, were enemies mere days ago. Then somehow overpower their captors. Afterward, she and Scrounger, who rescued her from hibernation, might repair their crippled nodeship and escape.


But their captors turn out to be former allies of the rebellion. Their plight is dire, as they, too, face annihilation at the whims of the Brethren.

Now, Crystal stands at a crossroads. Ally herself with these new, potentially powerful friends and continue her Creator’s rebellion—likely doomed to be a short-lived effort. Or return with Scrounger and trust her rescuer’s influence with the Brethren is strong enough to protect her—and turn her back on the very reason for her existence.

The Brethren, however, have learned of her revival. Their response will force Crystal’s hand... and threaten the millions of human lives trapped in Brethren Space...

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In ebook and PDF formats.



Recent high school graduate Trent Waverly is in the crosshairs of a local mobster. Now, Trent's only hope to live past noon rests in the paws of a dog named Chainsaw.


Gina's up against a deadline, and her short story contest submission has to be perfect.


Unfortunately, there's a nit plaguing her work--a two-letter word that's gone missing. She's pretty sure it's loose in her room. All she has to do is find it.


But suddenly there are so many obstacles, and the clock is ticking down...

Short Stories


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Charles Brass is the pen name of a middle-ager who believes in the maxim "Write what you want to read!" He enjoys science-fiction above all other genres, and action-adventure tales most within the genre- though space opera and epic tales come a close second. He's not into convoluted explanations of technology or how things work- hey, it's science-fiction! Have fun with it!


He currently works in a small city west of Minneapolis, as a CT/MRI technologist for the local hospital. Writing has been his passion for over two decades. Writing well has been his dream.

He is at work on his next project.


Back in the early days (1988-ish) when I knew I one day wanted to be a published author, I decided on the pen name 'Charles Brass'. Brass is part of my actual last name, and in the bookstores at the time, Brass was between Bradley and Brin in the Science Fiction/Fantasy section (two well-known authors). 


Fast-forward a decade or so when the internet was really becoming a thing. I tried to secure the name CharlesBrass, but it was taken. Then I tried CBrass. But it too was taken. So... I tried Seabrass (as in C. Brass). And lo! It was mine!

So, since then, the majority of my online presence has been seabrass.something. Now I also use charlesbrassMN (my email address here is And that is how I came to use 'Seabrass' in my little online world.

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