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It'll Take a Life To Save A Life...

Witchen Larrika has enjoyed a long life with Warden Maels Raptori on an Earth ruined by the Qrill invasion and subsequent destruction of the portal linking the planet to the Skein.


Now, she must finish crafting a spell to save her beloved Meals's life, for torments deep in his mind conspire to inadvertently drive him insane. They want something from him he cannot provide, but they will not stop their demands until their needs are met. Leaving Larrika no choice but to chain off his memories—who he is, where he's from, and everything that makes him...him.


The cost of casting her spell will mean her life. She has accepted her fate. But on this final night, with her strength waning, can she find the final trigger that will unseal the spell only at the proper moment? The risks for failure are enormous, and she has but this one last chance...

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