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A Novella of the Unity Sphere

Due to a medical disability, young Brayn’s life is in tatters. An addiction leaves him prone to seizures, his pilot’s license is suspended, attempts to find new employment end in ruin, and the long future ahead looms bleak and unpromising. 

Hoping for a few credits to help him through his dark time, he accompanies his mentor on an illicit operation to salvage valuable components from a demolished outpost under quarantine by the Unity Fleet. The deadline is tight. Danger and death lurk in the shadows. Fleet patrols stand ready to pulverize intruders, no questions asked. 

Then a tragedy leaves Brayn facing his bleak future by himself again, and he loses any hope he might have had. But an unexpected discovery in the ruins turns everything around. The young kavax again has purpose, but can he survive long enough to see it through? 


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